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Esther Diller

My life has been one big adventure and has always been centered around reaching my goals and aspiration and helping others reach theirs.

What makes a successful business women is guts, optimism and hard work. Believing in my self no matter what the odds. Never letting a failure define me but rather educate and strengthen me.

I grew up with very strong parents. They were supportive and encouraged myself and my siblings to speak out against injustice, help the less fortanate with jobs not just money and never hide who you are.


In 2001 I opened my own mortgage broker company. In 2012 I started with a partner as a venture capitalist. Everything from lead genceration companies, billing companies, internet companies and more we did. In 2019 I sold the mortgage company and have recently been involved in a commerical fencing company.


I went to Neshaminy High school and Rider University for by Bachelor degree in Business. I have many years working in the mortgage business.
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