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Esther Diller is a keynote speaker, activist and co-founder of Second Chance Executive Consulting, a brand reentry consultancy working with Fortune 500 companies and leading tech platforms to hire justice impacted individuals.

Ms. Diller grew up with strong parental love and guidance.  Both of her parents were supportive of her siblings and herself.  Ms. Diller’s parents instilled a need to speak out against injustice, help the less fortunate with jobs, not just money and never hide who you are.

In 1993 Diller graduated with a degree in Business from Rider University.  After several years of working in the mortgage business, in 2001 she opened her own mortgage broker company. In 2012 she became a venture capitalist where her focus concentrated on creating lead generation and billing and internet companies.  In 2019 she sold the mortgage company and broadened her portfolio by building out a commercial fencing company.

Ms. Diller’s life has been one big adventure and has always been centered around reaching her goals and helping others to obtain/reach theirs.  In 2021 Ms. Diller was faced with a major legal issue  in which, never letting a failure define her, she rose above and has allowed this experience to educate and strengthen her.

As an activist she has led campaigns around the need for criminal justice reform, helping find employment for those who are returning to society and have a criminal history and is in the process of creating a team to assist with a need for mental health support and restorative justice.

Ms. Diller maintains a second home in Ocean Pines, MD. As part of her commitment to giving to her community Ms. Diller served as an HOA Board Director from 2018-2019.  In 2021 Ms. Diller started  a social media page named Ocean Pines Gets Involved.  This has allowed her to offer others a voice to express their opinions and views of community politics, board oversight.  The main undertone of the page is to lead charity events and showcase efforts to help the area homeless.  All of which is a part of the printed and her personal mission statement.

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