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Esther Diller was a mortgage broker since 2001 -2019 she acted as an intermediate who brings borrowers and mortgage lenders together. Whether you are buying a home or refinancing, she would help you find the best mortgage according to your needs and situation.

As a professional mortgage broker, she originated, negotiated, and processed the residential and commercial mortgage loans on behalf of the clients. She built the business on working relationships with labor unions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. She was able to offer labor unions the following:

  • Access to Hundreds of Loan Products: As an experienced mortgage broker, Esther Diller was able to offer a dedicated wide range of mortgage loans from different lenders. The more the broker’s experience, there is a better opportunity to obtain a loan product and more interest rate.
  • Delivers Personalized Service: Everyone looks for personalized services when it comes to selecting a mortgage broker. Thus, Esther Diller aims was to offer mortgage services to the labor unions that would best suit the needs of their members and to help smooth the process from start to finish.
  • Flexibility & Expertise to Meet Your Needs: As an experienced mortgage broker, Esther Diller’s aim was to navigate the client through any situation. She had the ability to handles the process in any way and the ability to successfully obtain financing; no matter the borrowers have credit issues.
  • Fast Approval of Mortgage: As a licensed mortgage broker, her mission was to help clients of labor to have their mortgage approved as soon as possible at the very best interest rates. As a bank can do that task in weeks, but she will do the same in just a days.
  • Saves You Time and Money: Esther Diller’s goal was to save her brothers and sisters of the labor community time and money on their mortgage transactions.

Since 2020, Esther Diller has worked as a labor liason for First choice lending of NJ Inc as well as working in other entrepenurial businesses.

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